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Aspyn’s Newborn Adventure

Aspyn’s mom first contacted me when she was pregnant with her.  She was initially looking for a maternity session and after a detailed phone consultation, I knew she was going to be a perfect fit for what I offer as a Utah newborn photographer. Kasi brought her beautiful family to her maternity session, it was such a joy meeting everyone and fitting in some family photos before focusing on photos of just Kasi and her perfect belly.

We got those maternity photos done in the nick of time because Aspyn was born only a few days later!  I couldn’t wait to meet her and create art for her walls. She came into my studio as a sweet little scrunchy bundle.  Kasi and I took time admiring Aspyn’s little features and giggling over her teeny feet and smiles.

Newborn sessions are long, but so worth the time.  Capturing every detail and the unbreakable bond between mother and child are some of my most rewarding experiences as a photographer. Aspyn will never be this little again, and now Kasi will forever have these moments frozen in time.  When Apsyn is 10, Kasi will be able to show her how she fit so perfectly between her shoulder and her neck. Aspyn will see these photos and understand how tenderly her mother loved her from the very beginning.  She’ll learn about the meaning of “rainbow baby.” She was so desperately wanted, so anxiously awaited, she’ll see all of this in this priceless memories. When Aspyn becomes a mother herself, she’ll experience the joy that shines through her mother’s eyes, she’ll know then just how much her mother loves her. This knowledge is one of the things I cherish most as Utah newborn photographer.

Aspyn slept through most of her session.  She snuggled so perfectly into every set, she slept deeply and soundly.  Her nursery is decorated in a woodland theme, so we made sure to include a set with her dressed as a baby deer.  Kasi wanted as much pink as she could get – this was her first girl after having three boys. The session was full of lace, flowers, girly outfits and a colorful butterfly.  There are no words to express just how much I enjoyed this session. I really enjoy photographing newborns – it was my own newborn that got me interested in photography almost 7 years ago. Since I’m done having babies, newborn sessions are extra special to me because I get my fill of newborn snuggles that I no longer have in my every day life.

Aspyn’s mom bought a gorgeous custom designed heirloom album from her session.  With a rose gold leather cover, and a photo of Aspyn on front, I know that album will be enjoyed for all of Aspyn’s life. Those pages will be flipped through a thousand times, the photos will be adored by her, her kids, her grandkids…Aspyn, may you grow up strong and gentle.  May your tiny heart one day hold all of the love in the world for all of those around you.  May your eyes always appreciate the beauty all around and may your feet experience beaches, mountains and rivers.

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Gwen’s Unicorn Encounter | Whimsical Photos

Gwen is fascinated with unicorns and was tickled to finally have her very own personal unicorn encounter.

Gwen’s Unicorn Encounter | Whimsical Photos by Utah Photographer Loni Smith

Unicorns, rainbows, magic sparkles, flowers, flowy dress, enchanted forest? What little princess wouldn’t want all of that?  Find more unicorn session photos here.

Gwen is a girl of many expressions.  She had such genuine reactions to Marshmallow the unicorn that it was a total treat to capture her interactions with her magical friend. Not only did she want to smother the unicorn in kisses, but she also insisted on kissing Marshmallow’s enchanted horn. She danced freely, giggled sweetly, and smiled entirely through her whole session.

Marshmallow was equally excited to meet Gwen and in front of the rainbow in this fairy tale forest. She let Gwen feel her horn to show her it was real.  She proudly stood as Gwen sat on her back for a rare unicorn ride. And she even ate grass from Gwen’s hands.

The morning after the session, Gwen’s mom said Gwen was so excited, she was looking out the window waiting for the truck to deliver her pictures.  They didn’t come that day, but when she did finally see them, Gwen said, “It’s me and my unicorn with a rainbow!”  She was over the moon with excitement about her unicorn companion.

I had the privilege of designing a book for this session.  18 beautiful fairy tale photos were arranged and printed on pretty pearl pages. Gwen will always be able to look back on this book and her 16×24 canvas print for years to come.



magical unicorn session with Utah photographer Loni Smithmagical unicorn session with Utah photographer Loni Smithmagical unicorn session with Utah photographer Loni Smith


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Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale | Whimsical Photos

Welcome to Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale! These whimsical photos were incredibly magical and delightful to create for this little princess.

Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale | Whimsical Photos by Utah Photographer Loni Smith

For being a little unsure about wearing this dress and sitting on my studio swing, Aizlynn sure knocked her session out of the park.  It took a little time exploring and making sure that the environment was safe before she approved and gave my swing a chance. She waited  patiently for me to do something worthy of a laugh or a smile, and before long, she was playing along with so many priceless expressions.

It was easy to see where I could add all of her fairy tale friends – butterflies, birds, fish, and Aizlynn’s interactions with my set made these fairy tale friends believable. We got enough whimsical photos to create a beautiful little book of Aizlynn’s garden adventure.  I do hope that she will always look back on these photos and remember a fun experience filled with wonder and magical creatures.



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