Makin’ It Snappy: A Man’s Guide to Family Photo Shoots

Written by guest blogger Todd Smith

Are you a man embarking on a family photography session? If so, you are a stud. You are about to do something for your family that you’ll be proud of. I am a guy married to a photographer and she’s had us do family shoots frequently for years now. I’ve learned the secrets to a snappy photography session. By snappy, I mean the shoot is as brief and pleasant as possible.


Eat ahead of time or bring food to stave off your caveman hunger. Hunger and photo shoots are natural enemies; don’t mix them together. And make sure the rest of your tribe eats too. If you still want to use food bribery on your kids before the session, do it with dessert.


Ask the photographer what you can do to help…ask throughout the session. Don’t assume you know how to help, you paid a lot of money for someone else to be in charge today. The photographer doesn’t want to waste your time or theirs. Would you want some clown to come to your job site and assume they know how to “help” you?


Expect the experience to be as good as you make it. Nothing will influence the shoot more than your attitude, dude. Go into this knowing you will need to handle curve balls like misbehaving kids and on-the-fly changes. Misbehaving dads make the shoot slow and miserable for all involved. Don’t be that guy.


Smile when the camera is pointed at you. Really. If this is hard for you, just think back to the funniest thing you can remember. Imagine how funny as hell it was! If you do a celebrity mugshot impression, it won’t make you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Bonus tip…


Appreciate your kids. You’re a grown ass man, they are just kids and this was hard for them. Tell them how much you appreciate how good they did. Pour on the praise! You want them on your side for the next photo shoot, right?

There it is! I’ve told you my secrets for makin’ a shoot snappy! If you do the opposite, you’ll be sent sulking to the doghouse. And you know what I’m talking about. But if you apply my secrets, when the shoot is over, you’ll bask in glory.

Utah family photo session by Loni Smith Photography






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    Brilliant, Todd!