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Did you know I’m with you every step of the way?

You’re a busy person – I’ve learned this about you through my years of photographing children and families.   Perhaps you haven’t scheduled a family session for an embarrassing amount of years, not because you don’t care, but because the process is daunting.  There are so many decisions to make, outfits to buy, photos to print, frame and hang.  What if you had someone to help you with all of that? Would family photos seem possible then?

When you book a session with Loni Smith Photography, I am with you every step of the way.  I’m going to give you a breakdown of my process so you know what to expect and can breathe a sigh of relief that in the end, you’ll have expertly printed portraits in your home.

siblings brother and sister photography by Utah photographer Loni Smith

Step 1

My website is a wealth of information.  Browse for a few minutes on there to make sure that you love my photography style and check out my welcome guide for my frequently asked questions and pricing information here.

Step 2

Contact me! I can’t work with you if you don’t reach out, I want to help and I want you to have a wall gallery of your family just as much as you do. Shoot me an email at [email protected]  or call me at 385-429-0028.

Step 3

In person consultation or phone call.  I would love to meet you in person! You’re going to invest your hard earned money into heirloom quality wall art and albums, you definitely need to see what you’re investing in.  I prefer to schedule in person consultations at my studio so we can get to know each other and schedule a date for your session. Don’t know where you want to shoot?  I know a place you’ll love.  I will show you some beautiful, handpicked photo locations that I have found through hours of location scouting. Together, we decide on the best location for your family.  We also discuss wardrobe.  You will pay the session retainer at the time of booking your session, I make that easy for you by accepting cash, check, or card.  Do you live out of state? We could also do all of this over the phone.

little girl in blue dress taken by Utah children's photographer Loni Smith

Step 4

Assemble your wardrobe, I’m happy to help with this! Coordinating outfits can be exhausting,  I can make recommendations for color schemes and offer items from my personal studio wardrobe.  I truly do mean it when I tell you to send me photos of your outfits so we can build your family session wardrobe together.

Step 5

The photo session. Come to your session and prepare to show off your family’s amazing characteristics, talents and playful behavior.  Have fun, be ready to laugh and let me in on those tender moments with your kids.

Step 6

Preview Session. This is when you get to return to my studio and preview your unedited photos. I show you a wonderful collection of photos, and together, we narrow them down to your favorites.  If you have a hard time with decisions, I am there to help you decide which photos to print on your chosen print products. I can design an aesthetically pleasing wall arrangement using an actual photo of your wall and I also take care of the album design if you choose to purchase an album. I collect payment for your print products at this session.

Teenage girls portrait taken by Loni Smith Photography in Utah

Step 7

Approve my work on your photos. I professionally retouch and then upload your portraits into an easy to access password protected online gallery. If you ordered an album, I also upload the album design. When you love what you see, I then place the order with the printer. If you would like some changes, I take care of those until you’re happy and then I place the order with the printer.

Step 8

Display your photos.  As soon as I receive your products, I inspect them to make sure they are perfect.  But I don’t stop there! I then schedule a time to deliver them to your home.  I can also hang your wall arrangement if you ordered one.  If you are out of state, I package your order back up and ship it to you via priority mail.

family photo session with Utah photographer Loni Smith

Step 9

Enjoy your professional portraits for years to come! Your heart will swell and a tear will likely form at the corner of your eye, embrace those emotions! This is your legacy, proudly show off those photos to everyone that will look.

Ready to schedule a consultation? I’d love to meet with you! You can contact me here.