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  • What to Wear to a Family Photo Session | Utah Family Photographer

    After years of saying “we need to update our family photos”, you finally booked a session with your dream photographer, , you just finished with the consultation and picked out a gorgeous location, now for the biggest question that all clients face : what should my family wear? Deciding what to wear comes easy to […]

  • Unicorn Photo Session in Utah

    Picture a wild unicorn, running freely, leaving a trail of magical dust everywhere she steps. You’ve probably got a make believe environment in your mind, with waterfalls, trees, flowers and a sparkling stream. You actually don’t have to rely on your imagination because outdoor Utah resembles a fairy tale, and Utah is home to a […]

  • Utah Newborn Photographer | Nova’s Session

    A year ago, I had the privilege of being the Utah newborn photographer for sweet little Saphira. This year, Saphira’s precious little sister, Nova came in for the newborn spotlight. Both of these girls had perfect sessions, with a wonderful variety of poses and backdrops. Nova took a little extra work to get to sleep, […]

  • A Disneyland Anniversary Celebration… Leave the Kids at Home

    Also, Test Your Disney Ride Knowledge! I am so excited to share our Disneyland Anniversary Celebration with you! Yes, we really did Disney with NO kids. Disneyland. The happiest place on Earth. A place where dreams come true, magic happens and pixie dust is a real thing. Before you cross under the railroad and enter […]

  • Making Magic with Fairy Tale Portraits

    I often get asked, “Why fairy tale portraits?” What is it that makes these sessions some of my absolute favorite? I read books to my 7 and 4 year old every night. We read about unicorns with horns that can heal, sailing far away to where the wild things are, princesses that go on daring […]

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