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  • Easy Peasy Portrait Sessions |Utah Photographer

    Did you know I’m with you every step of the way? You’re a busy person – I’ve learned this about you through my years of photographing children and families.   Perhaps you haven’t scheduled a family session for an embarrassing amount of years, not because you don’t care, but because the process is daunting.  There are […]

  • Unicorn Photo Session in Utah

    Picture a wild unicorn, running freely, leaving a trail of magical dust everywhere she steps. You’ve probably got a make believe environment in your mind, with waterfalls, trees, flowers and a sparkling stream. You actually don’t have to rely on your imagination because outdoor Utah resembles a fairy tale, and Utah is home to a […]

  • Making Magic with Fairy Tale Portraits

    I often get asked, “Why fairy tale portraits?” What is it that makes these sessions some of my absolute favorite? I read books to my 7 and 4 year old every night. We read about unicorns with horns that can heal, sailing far away to where the wild things are, princesses that go on daring […]

  • Gwen’s Unicorn Encounter | Whimsical Photos

    Gwen is fascinated with unicorns and was tickled to finally have her very own personal unicorn encounter. Gwen’s Unicorn Encounter | Whimsical Photos by Utah Photographer Loni Smith Unicorns, rainbows, magic sparkles, flowers, flowy dress, enchanted forest? What little princess wouldn’t want all of that?  Find more unicorn session photos here. Gwen is a girl […]

  • Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale | Whimsical Photos

    Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale | Whimsical Photos

    Welcome to Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale! These whimsical photos were incredibly magical and delightful to create for this little princess. Aizlynn’s Fairy Tale | Whimsical Photos by Utah Photographer Loni Smith For being a little unsure about wearing this dress and sitting on my studio swing, Aizlynn sure knocked her session out of the park.  It […]