Utah Photographer specializing in Families, Newborns & Children.

Being a mother of 5 kids, I've been told numerous times "enjoy them while they're young, they grow in the blink of an eye," "make lots of memories, they won't be little forever," "take many pictures, they change so quickly". I look at these comments as hard earned wisdom, lessons from an older generation that have the luxury of hindsight. I don't want to miss out, and I don't want to regret, so I listened to this wisdom. I enjoy, I live, I document. I appreciate milestones, details, and growth. 

My children will never need to question how adored they are, they can see how much our time with them is cherished. They see it hanging on the walls of our home, they see it on the shelves of our bookcase and they see it in the hours upon hours of footage I have in home videos.  From the moment anyone steps into our home, they know instantly what is most important to us - family. 

My love for photography was sparked in 2002 when I held my firstborn and felt the desperate need to photograph her tiny features before she changed. That need grew with each child and with each year that brought new discoveries. My journey naturally led me down the path of professional portrait photography where I found my true calling - fulfilling other families' desire for tangible, everlasting memories of their most valued relationships. 

I am a portrait artist with a special focus on creative children's portraits and Utah family photos. I am also a premier Salt Lake newborn photographer.

I believe in taking care of my clients throughout their entire portrait process. I work hard to ensure that your experience leaves you with beautifully printed, heirloom quality prints and albums that your loved ones will enjoy gathering around and looking at for years to come. 

In my free time, I go to the mountains to hike or snowshoe and to enjoy Utah's beautiful scenery. I love the movie theater, reading thick books, camping, and visiting our beautiful national parks. 

It's true that creating my artwork is one of my greatest joys.
However, seeing others enjoy my artwork is an even greater joy.

I have taught local and international workshops and I made a special guest appearance on The Learning Channel's TV show "Rattled".  My photos have also appeared on Ellen, TLC, The Hallmark Channel, in Parents magazine, as well as many local and national newspapers.  

My work with the famous and adorable Gardner Quad Squad as their newborn photographer and now children's portrait artist has also allowed my work to be featured on a national level and I feel so blessed to be able to continue to photograph their family.

My Favorite Things fairy tales camping with my family hiking for miles The smell of trees and Rivers coffee with friends sitting in the sun
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